The Variety in Chemistry Education (ViCE) and Physics Higher Education Conference (PHEC) meetings have for many years been the principal conferences in chemistry and physics education at tertiary level in the UK. They provide opportunities to present curriculum developments and research investigations and to share best practices within the discipline.

After many successful years being organised and run by the HEA UK Physical Sciences Centre, the 2012 conferences have been combined to form a joint meeting to be held at the University of Edinburgh, August 30-31st 2012.

Never been before?

These meetings are friendly and informal, and are very accessible for people just starting out in educational development and research.  If you haven't done this sort of thing before, or are just curious, why not come along and see what is happening.  People are always happy to share their experiences and discuss ideas.

About previous ViCE and PHEC meetings

The (now static) HEA UK Physical Sciences subject centre site contains archived material from the last 5 years of both ViCE and PHEC conferences.


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